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About 200 people rally to improve safety for bus drivers


Transit union leaders, bus drivers and their family members gathered outside city hall on Friday morning, demanding increased safety measures following Tuesday’s stabbing death of a bus driver on the job.

They called for enhancements such as shields for drivers, an emergency left-side exit for drivers, more security personnel on buses and a system to take fare collection out of the hands of drivers.

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Rally in Winnipeg



President Paul Thorp’s Speech in Winnipeg


House of Commons Statement in recognition of Irvine Fraser

Yesterday in the House of Commons Kevin Lamoureux MP for Winnipeg North made the following statement, the video is also on his Facebook.

Mr. Speaker, it is with heavy heart that I rise today in recognition of Irvine Fraser, better known as “Jubal”.

Irvine was a Winnipeg Transit bus driver who passed away because of an incident on his bus.

It is important for us to recognize that transit bus workers across our great nation extend their sympathy to the family and friends of Irvine. The fact is that every day in Canada we have buses going through our municipalities, opening their doors, and ensuring we have the best quality public transportation system in the world.

It is with a heavy heart that I extend my personal condolences, as well as condolences on behalf of my colleagues, to the family and friends of Irvine, and to the many others who have been so affected by this most recent tragedy.

Bus tragedy hitting Okanagan drivers hard

A deadly attack on a Winnipeg bus driver as well as an assault on an Okanagan bus operator have renewed calls for improved safety measures to protect transit drivers.

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Letter to Leader of the Official Opposition


Local 134 buses have Black ribbons mourning the loss of our brother Irvine Fraser


Liberal MP Accuses Tories Of Laughing At Amarjeet Sohi’s Past Career As Bus Driver

A Liberal MP called out a few unnamed Conservatives for supposedly laughing at Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi’s past as a public transit bus driver.

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Flags at half-mast at Tommy Douglas Centre over the loss of our Brother Irvine Fraser


Irvine Fraser Memorial Fund

Early in the morning of Februray 14th, a despicable attack took place on a Winnipeg Transit driver at the University of Manitoba. Each day and night, thousands of students rely on the many dedicated Winnipeg Transit drivers to get either to or from the University of Manitoba. For many students, education would be out of reach without the services provided by drivers like Irvine Fraser. Today we must rally around his family and friends who are mourning the loss of a loved one. I have created this GoFundMe as an opportunity for students and staff at UManitoba as well as members of the Winnipeg community to donate towards funeral expenses in addition to thanking Irvine for his dedication to public transportation and supporting his loved ones during this terrible time. Even small donations will make a difference.

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Okanagan bus driver assaulted on Family Day

Concerns about bus safety in the Central Okanagan are being raised again, following another assault.

“One of our female bus drivers was assaulted on Monday during the family day statutory holiday while she was driving the bus,” said Scott Lovell, president of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1722.

The situation started on express Highway 97 bus, when passengers were boarding. One walked by, and the driver didn’t see the pass so she asked him to show it.

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In Memoriam

ATU Canada would like to convey our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Irvine Fraser. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

Union’s support for Kinnear uncertain

Transit employees’ union faces uncertain future, Feb. 8

As a retired member of ATU Local 113, I think the headline should have read “Bob Kinnear faces uncertain future.” It appears he has been working behind the back of the membership and the executive board in this matter. Why did he not bring this up when running for president last year if he so strongly believes in the evils of an international union?

I think Unifor would love to have local 113, not to give us better representation, but to provide itself with a cash cow due to the fact that we are no longer able to strike.

If Kinnear was trying to start a fully Canadian transit union I would maybe be on board. I was a member of the International Brotherhood of Pulp, Sulphite and Paper-Mill Workers in Canada when we in Canada broke away and formed the Canadian Paper-Workers Union back in the early ’70s and I was fully in favour of that move. Of course, mostly due to the decline of the paper industry in Canada, that union got gobbled up by what became Unifor.

I believe your article was trying to imply that Kinnear has the backing of the membership on this when he most probably does not. However, there are a lot of younger members of the local who might be easily persuaded by outlandish promises by Unifor representatives. I hope all members take a good look at what they have obtained through the ATU and reject any phony calls to patriotism by Unifor or Bob Kinnear.

Articles for protection re-instated for ATU Local 113

ATU Canada
February 10, 2017

TORONTO – In a letter to ATU Canada President Paul Thorp, Hassan Yussuf, President of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) confirmed that articles for protection have been re-instated for ATU Local 113. Unifor has been instructed to cease and desist all raiding action on all ATU members and properties.

“ATU Canada is deeply troubled by the actions of Bob Kinnear and Unifor President Jerry Dias. ATU members can remain confident that all steps will be taken to ensure that the CLC constitution will be strictly followed,” Mr. Thorp stated.

Established in 2015, ATU Canada is the strong national voice for the Amalgamated Transit Union in Canada on all issues of Canadian interest, including legislation and political, educational, health and safety, cultural and social welfare matters. It is guided by core values of loyalty, teamwork, compassion, credibility and accountability.

Contact: Paul Thorp, President ATU Canada

Telephone Number: 416-679-8846

UNIFOR has been told to cease and desist all raiding action on the ATU

For Immediate Release: Local 113 Is Not For Sale

February 10, 2017
If it looks like a raid, sounds like a raid and acts like a raid. It is in fact a raid.
The actions of Bob Kinnear was never about Canadians losing their autonomy or a U.S based union trying to take over Canada.

This was about Mr. Kinnear conspiring with another union that wanted to raid local 113 without penalty and Bob getting revenge for not being elected Canadian IVP. He has attempted to sellout his local membership for his own personal gain.

The claims that the International have failed to support the local’s campaigns over the years are yet again another misdirection. When questioned by the media about emails that prove this conspiracy, Bob’s answer was to deny any knowledge of such email. Mr. Kinnear’s campaign is based on fear. Fear of losing our Canadian identity. Fear, that as Canadians we have no control. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The facts are clear. Mr. Kinnear is in breach of multiple Articles of our ATU International Constitution. As a 13-year president, Bob knows the Constitution and the consequences of being in breach of those articles.

For further details contact:

Paul Thorp President ATU Canada

Bob Kinnear Speech at ATU International Convention

Locals ATU Canada, 741, 966,987,846,1572&1573 attending CLC Lobby Day training in Ottawa. Lobbying for the Working People!


To: All Canadian Officers
From: Larry Hanley
Re: Unifor Raid
Date: February 6, 2017

It is explicitly clear that Bob Kinnear’s efforts to decertify ATU Local 113 are in fact part of a Unifor campaign to take over all ATU Locals in Canada.

Facts have emerged since last night’s call to support that.

Larry Hanley
International President
Amalgamated Transit Union
10000 New Hampshire Avenue
Silver Spring, Maryland