TTC Upload Press Release

August 16, 2018

For Immediate Release: ATU Canada President John Di Nino

TTC Is For the Working Class and We Are Not For Sale

With Premier Ford’s announcement yesterday to upload the TTC to the province, ATU Canada is demanding that the continued gerrymandering decisions of the Progressive Conservative Government must cease immediately. ATU Canada fully agrees and supports Mayor John Tory’s statement that before any decisions are made, a robust conciliation must take place between the provincial government, the City of Toronto, TTC management, its employees and the taxpayers.

Just like the Premiers platform -which was never released- Premier Ford has no quantifiable numbers to justify uploading the transit system.

Currently, the TTC operates the most efficient transit system in North America, based on the current funding model. The TTC needs to be funded correctly to serve the citizens of Toronto. For example, years ago, York Region privatized the transit system and riders now pay more money for less service.

ATU Canada believes that the citizens of Toronto deserve reliable cost-effective transit, regardless of where they choose to live – be that in downtown Toronto or in the suburbs north of Steeles Avenue.

Premier Ford’s campaign stated that he was for the people, yet his decisions pertaining to uploading public transit are completely unfounded and for his own political gain.

Countless transit systems around the world have seen the catastrophic effects of privatization – cuts to service, increased fares, and the safety of the public. One thing remains true, the only people that benefit from the privatization of public transit are the conglomerates that own them.
Public transit was designed to get the working-class people to and from where they need to go, reliably and cost-effectively.

We don’t want a repeat of Hydro One.

For media details contact John Di Nino 416-938-0746