TTC Smoke Screen

February 28, 2017

ATU Canada is deeply troubled by the Toronto Transit Commissions report where it alleges that there is “a significant problem and a culture of drug and alcohol use at the TTC”.

These claims by TTC are nothing more than a drummed up smoke screen to elicit fear in the public and to allow an employer to breach a workers Charter of Rights.

The union has stated publicly that they support the TTC’s current substance abuse policies, provided that there is “reasonable cause” to believe that a worker was impaired during an incident or a worker is returning after violating the policy.

To demand that a worker submit to this random testing is a slap in the face of everything our government and the labour movement has fought for.

The Toronto Transit Commission needs to remember that any person is innocent until proven guilty not the other way around. It’s high time this employer started believing in its employees and not punishing the whole for the errors of the few.

Paul Thorp
ATU Canada