TTC Smoke Screen

February 28, 2017

ATU Canada is deeply troubled by the Toronto Transit Commissions report where it alleges that there is “a significant problem and a culture of drug and alcohol use at the TTC”.

These claims by TTC are nothing more than a drummed up smoke screen to elicit fear in the public and to allow an employer to breach a workers Charter of Rights.

The union has stated publicly that they support the TTC’s current substance abuse policies, provided that there is “reasonable cause” to believe that a worker was impaired during an incident or a worker is returning after violating the policy.

To demand that a worker submit to this random testing is a slap in the face of everything our government and the labour movement has fought for.

The Toronto Transit Commission needs to remember that any person is innocent until proven guilty not the other way around. It’s high time this employer started believing in its employees and not punishing the whole for the errors of the few.

Paul Thorp
ATU Canada


In remembrance of our fallen Brother, Irvine Jubal Fraser who lost his life on February 14, 2017 from an act of violence while at work with Winnipeg Transit and in support of his family and coworkers:

Amalgamated Transit Union Canada and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 741 wishes to pay tribute to a life cut short, and recognize the continued attacks that happen to Transit Operators throughout the country on a daily basis

Irvine Fraser died after an altercation with the last passenger on his bus that refused to get off at the end of the line. A struggle ensued and the passenger allegedly pulled out a knife and stabbed Irvine who later died of the injuries caused by his assailant.

Recent statistics show that there are five transit operators assaulted on a daily basis across Canada. This number does not include the number of assaults that go unreported.

There are different forms of assault that transit operators are subjected to on a daily basis; verbal abuse, threats of physical harm, death threats and physical assault (spitting, punching, kicking, biting, etc…).

Amalgamated Transit Union Canada and its local unions are calling for our governments and employers to stop putting a dollar amount on humanity.

Amalgamated Transit Union Canada and its local unions are calling for the Transit Employers in Canada to:

• Design bus run times schedules with more operating time. The current tendency to reduce time on bus schedules is causing operators to be subjected to the frustration of the public.
• Redesign the Drivers Area so that operators have a closed compartment away from passengers. Similar to train operators and airline pilots.
• Provide clear directives to drivers to assist in dealing with problem passengers and provide adequate support where needed.

When an assault does happen the courts need to apply the full measure of the law introduced by Bill S 221, This enactment amends the Criminal Code to require a court to consider the fact that the victim of an assault of a public transit worker to be an aggravating circumstance for the purposes of sentencing. Stop negotiating plea bargain deals. ATU Canada seeks 10 years imprisonment for an indictable offence and 18 months for a summary conviction.

This is not a “Knee-jerk” reaction, but rather a measured response to the lack of support from employers and the courts of Canada in dealing with those who assault transit workers.

TTC Union Wants Bob Kinnear to Quit, Mere Hours After Reinstatement

The Amalgamated Transit Union International placed the local under trusteeship after Kinnear’s abrupt dismissal earlier this month.

The battle for control of the TTC’s largest union has taken two more plot twists in less than a day.

Bob Kinnear won a victory in provincial court on Tuesday afternoon, only to lose a “no confidence” motion from Local 113 of the Amalgamated Transit Union later in the evening.

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Sad Day for Local 113

ATU Canada is shocked and deeply troubled by the court’s decision yesterday to reinstate Bob Kinnear.

The fact of the matter is that Mr. Kinnear’s actions were in gross violation of the ATU International Constitution and his own Local’s Bylaws. It is shameful that his actions and collusion with UNIFOR were for his own personal gain and there was absolutely no consideration for the 10,500 members that make up ATU Local 113.

It is with great pride that ATU Canada stands behind the Executive Board of Local 113 with their numerous motions against Mr. Kinnear. The first being a motion of “No Confidence” in the leadership of Bob Kinnear.

We are One ATU and the Transit Union of choice in North America simply because no one knows transit like we do. Period.

Paul Thorp
ATU Canada


The Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 113, which represents nearly 11,000 public transit workers in Toronto, released the following statement regarding the Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision to grant former union head Bob Kinnear an injunction over the trusteeship of Local 113.

Statement by Manny Sforza, International Vice-President, ATU Local 113:

“It’s a sad day for all workers in our city. The court’s decision to reinstate Bob Kinnear undermines a long history of union democracy in the province. As Bob Kinnear seeks to exert total control over the 95 per cent of elected local officers who he admitted to deceiving, Local 113 members and the issues they care about will suffer.

Local 113 has clear and convincing evidence Bob Kinnear was involved in a conspiracy, along with Jerry Dias from Unifor, to deceive the members of Local 113. This is an empire building exercise by Bob Kinnear and Jerry Dias and has nothing to do with the interests of public transit workers in Toronto.

Local 113 will not be sold to the auto workers by Bob Kinnear or anyone else.

In recent weeks, ATU received overwhelming support from the vast majority of Local 113’s elected officers, stewards and union members. ATU is dedicated solely to transit workers and we will continue to fight in the best interest of the hardworking women and men who move Toronto.”