Winnipeg Transit union supporters hand out donuts, gift cards to bus drivers

WINNIPEG — The city was back at the negotiating table on Friday with its bus drivers and mechanics, hoping to reach a contract deal before their dispute gets any worse.

Union members at Winnipeg Transit have been refusing to do overtime, which means delays for transit riders. But on Friday afternoon transit riders who support the workers came out to show their support. They handed out Tim Hortons gift cards and home made donuts to the drivers. The group received donations after putting a call out on social media.

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Rest in peace Brother Jimmy Caruthers

Rest in peace Brother Jimmy Caruthers. Jimmy was a true friend of ATU Canada. He was with the Council from its inception and remained a staunch supporter right to the end.

I was able to speak with him at the June conference in Toronto in 2014 and he couldn’t have been a more powerful voice. Jimmy is pictured here with home local 1462 President Paul Churchill and Vice President Ken Hart.

Solidarity Jimmy

Bill S-221

Thank you to all those dedicated locals in ATU Canada that never stopped believing we could make a difference.

What appeared to be almost insurmountable changed in the spring of 2013 when over 40 Local officers descended on Ottawa to lobby lawmakers to create a law to better protect our members. Out of that, Liberal MP Ralph Goodale and NDP MP John Rafferty introduced Private Members Bills to do just that.

That day over 50 Members of Parliament were part of these critically important discussions and as ATU Canada kept the topic alive law makers started to notice.

By October, policy makers were in support and in November, only five months after we went to work together on the Hill, Senator Runciman committed to championing Bill S-221 through the Senate. When you stay united you can make a difference.

Congratulations to you all.


After 50 years on the job and with 50 years of membership within ATU Local
583 Calgary, Brother George Dorn made his final trip operating the Calgary
Light Rail Train today.

George was greeted by hundreds of people when he arrived on the platform at
the end of his final trip, a trip he has been making since the first day LRT
began service some 34 years ago.
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Bill S-221 to Protect Transit Operators Soon to become Law

Etobicoke, Ontario (February 16, 2015) – ATU Canada’s members applaud the unanimous passing at Third Reading of Bill S-221 in the House of Commons today.

Bill S-221 will amend the Criminal Code to make it an aggravating circumstance that the judge must consider if the victim of an assault is a public transit operator, which is defined to include drivers of not just city and inter city buses and surface rail, but also school buses, taxis, ferries and subways.
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Local 569 attends Saskatoon rally

Members of Edmonton Local 569 attended a rally in Saskatoon to show their support for our brothers and sisters from Local 615 who were locked out after their employer refused further negotiations over pension cuts and industry comparable wages.